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The number one reason that some people starting out in their business do not use YouTube in their business, is fear.  Remember, FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real.

But, do not let fear stop you.  You can use YouTube without having  to show your face, until you start to feel safe and secure, in contrast you could design a simple presentation using PowerPoint and show that.

Most importantly once you gain confidence and you start to get a following,  you can appear on your videos.  Although, not entirely necessary if you did this it would help your customers to get to know, like and trust you.


If you really did not want to show your face you could use software to design your own video.

There is a great one on the market called Video Robot, which has some amazing features or you could hire a freelancer from:



Furthermore, here is a website featuring 20 of the Best Freelance Professionals in 2019.

Most noteworthy, all of these websites feature freelancers who can provide you with a video, fairly cheaply.  So, look, you do not even have to make your own videos, it can all be done for you and all you have to do is reap the financial rewards of finding more paying customers and building your business.

I have used Fiverr over the years.  I used Fiverr very successfully to provide content for my website a couple of years ago and recently Upwork.

Although, I enjoy writing and producing great content and information for my customers, I do find that having a secondary source of copy is very helpful and less time consuming.


I would highly recommend using a freelancer to provide content, because it gives you more time to concentrate on your goal of having a successful profitable business.  Check out what they can do for you and your business and keep them in mind, if not immediately, definitely for the future.

Finally, what is stopping you growing your business on YouTube?

That is right, there is nothing stopping you.  So, what are you waiting for?

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Do not forget that I am a therapist, and have been for many years.  I know the game of social media, as I have played it very often over the years.  Very successfully as people are still finding me and engaging my services.

But, I do know that when you are first starting out it does not happen overnight.  You have to firstly establish yourself in your niche, and work hard, but I am telling you that it is worth it and many other doors open as a result of being recognised for your expertise and getting your message out to the right audience.


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  1. That book sounds very interesting and I a definitely going to download it.

    You make some great points about video. There is no reason for fear because their are so many option out there right now.

    I personally use a software called Content Samuari as well as Screen Cast O Matic.

    I will investigate your option as well. As it relates to freelancers, I totally agree with you. It is less time consuming to use a freelancer to assist with content so you can focus on other things.

    Thanks for providing such a great resource

    1. Hi Nate

      Thank you for your comments and downloading my eBook. I hope you find it useful.

      You make some very valid points, particularly in relation to software options available to assist with providing great content for your customers and therefore freeing up time to focus on building your business.


  2. Hi Sandra, good post about you tube. A lot of people never get around to using you tube because they fear getting in front of the camera.
    You have shown them that they can make videos without having to show their face.
    This is fine but won’t help them gain trust with their potential customers.
    Outsourcing a lot of the work would help a lot of people with their blog. But not everybody wants to spend money on something they feel they could do themselves.
    A good read, thanks for the info,

    1. Hi Frank
      Thank you for your comments.

      I totally agree with you in relation to the know, like and trust factor of your business and I think you will find that I did mention that very point in the content.

      Where outsourcing is concerned, it is just a suggestion that engaging with a freelancer might add to your ability to provide great content, for those who find writing difficult.


  3. Greeting Sandra
    I found this post to be informative and thought-provoking. I had never really even thought about youtube for my business, but you are absolutely right, it is an incredible marketing tool. You have definitely made me rethink this thing. I love the moniker of (F)alse (E)vidence (A)ppearing (R)eal, I truly believe that. I will be looking into all your books to receive more great training and advice. thanks again

    1. Hi Rolondo
      Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post in relation to using YouTube to monetise and grow your business.
      I hope to add to the knowledge by providing more information on how powerful social media is for building your business and your expertise in your chosen niche. So, I encourage you to subscribe to my list and you will receive great content which will help you improve your profile online, straight into your inbox.

      Over the years most of my clients have come via Facebook and they still do and I don’t even spend money on advertising. Although, if you do and do it right, it will be very lucrative.

      To Your Ultimate Success
      The BrainWave Therapist

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